5 Reasons Why Guys Shouldn’t Take Selfies


*Disclaimer: This piece is meant to be completely satirical and not to be taken seriously (like every man that takes selfies)

Guys that take selfies, can we talk for a bit? According to a new study by Ohio State University Jesse Fox, men that post too many selfies on the internet exhibit high levels of narcissism and psychopathy. It gets worse. If guys that take selfies edit them after, this shows an even higher level of narcissism and self-objectification. In light of this earth-shattering discovery I put together a list of 5 reasons why guys shouldn’t take selfies.

  1. Selfies are not manly

    Show me any guy that looks manly taking a selfie and I’ll show you a man looking manly eating an ice-cream cone, or an entire banana in one go.

  1. Selfies were never meant for us

    First it was the colour pink, then it was skinny jeans, then it was the man purse – heaven forbid the male creeper shoes catch on, even though they probably have already. Judgement Day is upon us. The 21st century man is on a slow, steady and painful transformation from Mr T to Prince.

  1. The selfie stick is the most ridiculous thing ever

    Just because Diddy and President Barack Obama use a selfie stick doesn’t mean you can too. Are you a hip hop mogul? Are you a millionaire? Thought not.

  1. Selfies are for really self-absorbed people

    People who think too highly of themselves always feel the constant need to self-publish their images to the internet for the social currency and public approval that comes with a like on Facebook and Instagram. We live in a sad, sad world.

  1. Justin Bieber takes selfies

    With a photo album called “Jus Me” on Facebook, you sir are one hit song away from being a teen pop sensation.


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